Our Story


Founded in April 2019, UDI is dedicated to helping Uthman Sudais, A former orphan of Uganda to pursue his dream of providing orphaned children from his community a safe environment in which they can live, laugh and learn skills that will enable them to give back to their communities. Uthman was orphaned at the tender age of eight years old, after his parents tragically passed away. Experiencing the struggles that come with being and orphan, Uthman devoted his life to helping others less fortunate then he was. In 2017 he reunited with his childhood sweetheart, a journey that led him to Melbourne. Destiny brought him to meet a group of friends that would believe in his vision and would ultimately be the board members of Uthmans Dream Incorporated. The vision is simple, we aim to provide a basic foundation for children in Kitgum, Uganda. We believe that through the provision of safe and stable housing, education, practical skills and ongoing support orphan children can be given the opportunity to gain self-sufficiency.

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