Kitgum 1

The Project comprises of the construction

of multiple facilities including:


1. Primary/Secondary school (stage 1)

2. Technical school (stage 3)

3. Medical centre (stage 2)

4. Orphanage blocks (stages 1,2 & 3)

5. Administration on block (stage 1)

6. Residential Block (stage 2)

7. Mosque (Stage 3)

8. Sporting facilities: Soccer field &

basketball court (stage 2 & 3 respectively)

9. Shops (Stage 3)

10. Storage Shed (Stage 1)

11. Garden (Stage 1)

The construction of such facilities will target the overwhelming number of orphans and poverty in and around the district. Of the 220000 inhabitants in kitgum, almost 68000 are orphans, over 30of the overall population. Kitgum 1 is set to make a dent in the growing number of orphans. The lack of basic resources makes it nearly impossible for people from this region to obtain the knowledge and network required to progress into their field of choice. Constructing a technical school as well as primary & secondary schools will provide choice and alternatives which are otherwise unavailable. A sports academy for football has also been a topic of discussion at recent udi board & directors meetings as football is proven to be an extremely strategic approach towards violence among districts or tribes. As well as being an in incredible tool for rehabilitation. Ultimately the goal of kitgum 1 is to provide a safe house & opportunity for those who weren’t fortunate to be given one. Kitgum 1 will achieve udi’s vision as it will work to generate opportunity for not only the orphans and students, but the broader community.